Forestar’s Hunting and Recreational Lease Information

General Recreational Use Information

The following is general information about the Hunting and Recreational Lease Program of Forestar (USA) Real Estate Group Inc. (Forestar).

Licensing Process

If there is a property that you are interested in licensing, select the 'Request Map & Entry Permit' link and fill out the online form. You will receive an email with approval to visit the property, along with a map of the property. Print out the Land Entry Permit and map and take them with you to view the property; these documents give you written permission from Forestar to be on the tract. Once you have visited the property and determined you are still interested, select the 'Make an Offer' link to enter your online bid for the tract. You will receive an email with a link that allows you to monitor or modify your bid. (This email is critical to modifying your initial offer.) The link in the initial email must be used to modify bids up until the bid deadline; Forestar personnel will not monitor or modify any applicant's bid. Bids on tracts are accepted through a certain date and that date is posted for each property on the website.

Once the bidding process closes, Forestar reviews the applicants and their information and determines the accepted applicant. That individual receives an email indicating their offer was accepted; they may have from 3 to 5 days to reply with their continued interest in the tract. Once the accepted applicant responds affirmatively, Forestar sends a license agreement and invoice by email. (All other applicants receive an email that their offer was not accepted.) The accepted applicant must return payment and a signed license agreement within a prescribed time that is denoted on their invoice. In the event that the accepted applicant does not return payment and the agreement in a timely fashion, the tract will be offered to the next applicant.

License Terms

Licenses will be issued on an annual basis, from July to June of the following year. Licenses will be "evergreen" in nature, meaning they will renew automatically each year upon receipt of payment of the invoiced amount. In most cases, current customers will be given an opportunity to renew their current Recreational Use Agreement; however, Forestar reserves the right to cancel the agreement with or without cause in accordance with the terms of the agreement.

Base License Rate

The base license rate per acre will be reviewed and adjusted annually if deemed necessary. The License Fee (total invoice amount) will equal the base license rate multiplied by the number of acres in the license, or the Minimum License Fee, whichever is greater.

Minimum License Fee

Forestar's minimum License Fee amount will be $500.

Administration Fee

There will not be an administration fee; it is included in the base license rate.

Structure Fee

There will be no separate structure fee; it is included in the base license rate if structures were known to be in place on the land. The policy regarding structures remains in effect.


Public Liability Insurance (commercial general liability insurance) is required during the license period. To assure coverage, Forestar contracts for public liability insurance on behalf of each license holder. The insurance cost is included in the base license rate.


Recreational license renewal payment is due in full 30 days after invoicing. New license payments are due 15 business days after invoicing. Licenses are considered delinquent if not paid by these dates and may be canceled.


Forestar reserves the right to cancel a Recreational License for any reason at any time with a 30 day written notice. Cancellations with cause will result in no refund of license payment to the recreational club. Cancellations without cause will result in a prorated refund of the annual license fee based on the licensing period.

Good Neighbor Policy

It is imperative that the licensee maintain good relationships with Forestar's adjoining landowners. Trespass, dog shooting, property damage and repeated neighbor complaints can result in an immediate cancellation of your license. Take the time to know your neighbors and their concerns.

Operations by the Company

Forestar will continue to engage in land management and real estate activities on its lands, including, but not limited to, harvesting, prescribed burns, application of herbicides, and site preparation with heavy equipment. This should be a consideration by the licensee prior to licensing the property. The Company will attempt to pre-notify licensees prior to planned operations, but is not obligated to do so. Deer stands, camping equipment, and other equipment are placed on the licensed property at the licensee's risk. The Company will not be responsible for damages to the licensee's equipment or property due to its normal operating activities.

Contact Information Required

Each license will have one point of contact through which all communication is made to and from Forestar. It is mandatory that all Licensees maintain an email address and permanent mailing address for the designated representative. Most correspondence will be sent directly to the license representative by email. If licensee is unable to provide an e-mail address, Forestar will be unable to grant a recreational license.

Membership Guidelines

Where possible, Forestar would like to license their property to individuals residing near the vicinity in which the license is located. It is the responsibility of each representative to maintain an updated membership list on their online account at all times.

General Structures

Construction and installation of any food plots, fences, gates, or any other structures are prohibited without approval from a Forestar Representative. If approved, these structures will be constructed and installed at the Licensee's own cost and must adhere to specifications, limitations, or restrictions imposed by Forestar and maintained in good condition of repair, cleanliness, and safety. No new cable, chain, or wire gates are permitted on Forestar property. All newly constructed gates must be built at club expense to Forestar's specifications and become the property of Forestar.

Camp Sites

Each license will have designated campsites where they may keep temporary camp structures. All facilities must be capable of being moved on demand. No new structures may be permanently fixed to Forestar property, without prior written approval by Forestar.

Trash and Litter

There is zero tolerance for trash and litter. All incidental trash and litter must be picked up and disposed of properly at all times. This includes all litter regardless of the source. Existing dump sites must be reported to a Forestar representative immediately. Failure to do so will result in termination of license or payment for cleanup of site. This policy applies to all areas of the licensed property, including roadways, gate areas, campsites, and right-of-ways.

Wildlife Management

Each Licensee is expected to participate in their respective State's Wildlife Management Program.

If there are any questions or comments, you may contact us by email at: