General Information

Thank you for your interest in Forestar's Hunting and Recreational Lease Program.

Comments and inquiries may be directed to the Area Land Manager - East via the following email link:

Offers are now being reviewed for lands available for recreational use.

Please review the General License Information.

Forestar License Notice

The information in this web site is a solicitation for offers only and is not an offer to sell or license. No offer should be considered accepted and there will be no binding contract until authorized representatives of both Forestar and the user have executed a written Recreational Use Agreement. The potential user will be responsible for its attorney's fees, if they so choose, and any other of user's costs associated with closing the transaction.

Hunting and Recreational Lease Program Goals
  • Provide recreational opportunities for customers that are consistent with Forestar objectives and stewardship goals;
  • Cultivate good relationships and improve communications with recreational users and build support for Forestar in our local communities;
  • Make wise decisions about wildlife habitat management, recreational use assistance, and license fee rates, while balancing those with our management and real estate enhancement activities;
  • Improve Forestar's knowledge of our local communities and neighbors; and
  • Encourage recreational users to take responsibility for their licensed property.
Submitting an Offer for a Recreational Use Agreement from Forestar

Forestar licenses land for recreational use year-round.
Maps of available tracts for licenses are posted on this site.
If you are 18 years of age or older, continue by clicking on Recreational Use, which will give you an opportunity to:

  • Select state and county
  • View and print maps of tracts available for license
  • View minimum license offer
  • Access an offer form
  • Submit for email confirmation